About Us...

Artistry shaped the artist.

Albright Photography is, Wayne Albright and Julie Martell Wojenski. Life partners that began years ago, fresh out of school, on a blind date. Together they shared a life, young love, the Jersey shore and the love of the arts...

Oh! and Barry Manilow lol!

At that time Wayne was on a quest to make it in the music business where he focused much of his energy. 

Photography came later, however his many years as an 

entertainer often on the other side of the camera was

shaping him for what would become his greater passion... Photography!!

Julie’s love of dance, like her parents who graced the 

ballroom floor, she observed many passionate dances

in her childhood kitchen. Enough so that she pursued

modeling and dancing professionally with a management group performing various fashion and dance shows. Julie and Wayne shared a bond but unfortunately life and careers would lead them on separate paths.

Wayne continued following his musical dreams. He had a successful ten year run with his rockin country dance band performing nightly in the philadelphia tri state area. He began writing and recording his own music in Nashville and released an independant solo Cd (Hot Lanta’) that was inspired right here in Atlanta, years before at the once known Palomino club.

Julie eventually married and raised her beautiful family. She worked many years in the restaurant industry as well as twenty plus years in retail management and interior design. She says the retail experience was similar to being a cruise ship director... make people happy and knowing which fires to put out first! She is a real people person and her keen eye for detail and knowledge of staging is invaluable to running a busy photography business.

...While overseeing the process of creating the cover art for his Cd while working with a friend photographer Wayne witnessed the power and artistic freedom of digital art and Photoshop and the endless possibilities. Photography was calling and he began learning all he could and shooting everything he could. Eventually music took a back seat and a new photography business was born.

Fast forward two decades, a nudge from God, an inspired conversation via social media, Wayne and Julie reconnected and picked up right where they left off, except Wayne was in Cape May New Jersey working his Photography business and Julie here in Alpharetta with her very successful children and six grandbabies.

...And the story continues here in Georgia, together at Albright Photography they are choosing happy! creating beautiful images for beautiful souls! and looking forward to working with you.

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