Pets & Equestrian

We love our pet photography sessions and the people who choose to care for them. Oh! and yes it takes a lot of patience to get the right shots, however if you hang in there long enough in the end it is well worth the effort. Let's face it our pets bring us a whole lot of joy and we want to preserve them forever....

We have made so many friends over the years with our "Furry Little Monsters" and "Holiday Pet Portrait" events. We have witnessed puppies grow up to be mature dogs and children to grown adults. It is humbling to hear the stories of many who return year after year and tell us how their home is decorated with our images.

We are so looking forward to continuing that tradition with new families and friends here in Georgia. We have included some of our favorite shots from our past events for you to enjoy too! Stay tuned for our up and coming discounted portrait events. As always we are available for private sessions through the year as well.

"Furry Little Monsters"

an annual pet mini session event hosted by Albright Photography

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